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Reviews for "Sex Kitten: Armageddon!"

pretty good. Died once at the park battl,e because i didn't realize it was timed and was trying to read the options. titsqueeze record is just under 230. using a Steel Series Rival, with no sort of autoclick programs.

A bad game

Another solid game. What I found most interesting is that Loli Rei got into it with Sucky Fucko. I hope Austrailan Science Bitch keeps recurring. Titsqueeze hi score (so far) is 177; would have been better if they were bare, but I digress.

good game. on par with about all the other sex kitten games, but still good. my high score was 210 but I was using the touch pad on my computers, so ya... good game.

It is a bit worse than other series, although all Sex Kitten series were not so good.
2.5 stars for thw gameplay (yes, other series were really better).