Reviews for "Food Zombies"

wow this was a fun game ha lvl 3 green towers are awesome! like once u have enough towers u have pretty much beat em. i loved this game :)

Nice game. I liked sounds and idea but I found couple things that I would change. First I think game should pause when a wave is won and resumed after you click "next" button. It makes it bit annoying when you have to click next and game just keeps playing if you don't click it and you have to keep on eye the enemies and next bar at the same time. Also I would add there more stuff to buy from stores. I mean after I bought and filled all spots I found 3 last levels bit boring when all I could do was wait and watch. But great job! I liked it and I will vote this game! :)

Krevzz responds:

Thank you! :)

The 'Next' button is more like a 'Skip' button to start the next game earlier rather than waiting for all the zombies to die/cross the finish line.

Not a bad game, at all, no bugs, could of been a bit more variety in enemy and weaponry?

Not bad, just very generic. The music got a bit repetitive, and the game is short. Other than that, everything is as expected.

a decent tower defense game.
There are only three towers and no reason to play again after the game is done.
Game begins to lag like crazy after just wave 10.

Its okay but i wouldn't want to play again.