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Reviews for "Sex Kitten: Jungle Mayhem"

And suddenly *BAM!* SCTE3 out of nowhere, giving out the best question in the game.
Damn, 10 years already. This truly is amazing. I hope the series keeps on forever, because who doesn't like crazy dialogue and tits?

sorry for not supporting you all the way through. i would have but i'm only nine years ol-uh iii mean NICE WEATHER WERE HAVING HEHE

Yomuchan responds:

Sex Kitten - uniting fans of crazy sex humor and impossible situations since 2004!

Are some of these scenes from actual shows?

Yomuchan responds:

Maybe. Notice stuff in particular?

Great game, well worth the time! The one scene in the blooper reel, where they wanna burn the ship, was well written! I found the mistress of the bondage club, though her money meant little to me, still, was a nice cameo. Shame I couldn't use the Goodmagicks points for anything :\ In the beginning, I kept going back to McSlutty, to wake her up, expecting a good smack to the faic, or an epic a55-kicking. Oh well, comatose is comatose.

I loved these games as I grew up (from 30 to 40 y/o lol), and their small size takes away nothing from it's goodness. I completed this game (I touched the supersecret box) in under a half hour, and was a pleasant excursion. Happy 10th, you crazy coked up, misanthropic catlady!

Yomuchan responds:

They launched themselves into orbit.

As always I enjoyed the game

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