Reviews for "Sex Kitten: Jungle Mayhem"

Ahhhh so much nostalgia it's so hard to believe it has been ten years.
The game was amazing with good graphics and the references.
Good audio.
Also nice touch with the zeggy H. Bomb you made me want to watch the demented cartoon movie again.

Awesome, good old fashioned feel to it. Also, I was wondering if the first gif when you beat the game (the lesbian foursome) was from a hentai, and if so what was the name of it?

wow! i love how this game includes one of my favorite animes.. hare + guu. This game is somewhat easier than the others! the hentai pictures are so 80s. The best ones was the K-on one, flashing frog, and the blond haired chick zipping up her black dress.

Very good games !

The code is drunkscience XD