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Reviews for "Miss Pink Sweet"

people always trust people

Nnot sure if I'll get some hate BUT only too stupid ppl send photos to others they don't know in real life and too dumbass to actually try to meet this person... common sense, bitches!

It's a good animation, just too horrible to watch. Sad truth too, if you want to meet someone irl you talked with on facebook, choose an easily crowded place and not too late. And sending nudes will never be a good thing too

All the voice clips sound like they're from rapelay. Apart from that though theirs a bit lacking to originality and style. Animation is choppy a bit at some points but for the most part its fairly fluid. Along with that its a very different approach to the very common cautionary tales of this type but its mostly shocking for the sake of shocking. I think a better approach would be to make it more subtle to obtain a more psychological shock rather than just showing the same fear everyone/females shares.

it was horrible to me to watch