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Reviews for "Miss Pink Sweet"

*cough* *cough* "Heart-touching?" You must be sick Bloodhuman. I'd prefer "gross." I lost my boner, man!

very heart touching and the animation was great

I just want to say, the art is good, but I feel you focused too much on making the rape more of appealing to those with a fantasy, and well, still a source of porn.
Now that may have been your intention, but it didn't seem that way was all. I think to balance this, focusing more on the guy instead of the "attractive" anime girl would've suited to drive the point home.

life lesion numero uno if you meet them at their house bring a strong guy with you its saved me before

Naughty naughty girl now dont trust scammer cuzz some of them just usee other humans pics
for they wont be noticed an be so ugly..