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Reviews for "Banana-Split!"

Well the game works.
It is lacking sound effects and the music is very repetitive, but i think you are probably starting out and this is a good attempt at the "far throw" genre.
Good luck in the future basicgames :)

I launched once. Not a fan of the wonky phsyics.. and the music makes me want to hang myself. I'm sure the creator of this game would hope that I will listen a while and actually do it.

Not one that I would recommend, it's on the boring side of NewGrounds, no sound effects, background doesn't move with the banana, it just stays in one place the entire time while the banana moves, the ground is the same ground over and over again, it's just...bland

Its alright.. not one of my favorites, but definitely a work in progress.

Good but... not very appealing for me. The music's too loud and repetitive, and maybe you should make it so the catapult doesn't comes out every time and you don't have to wait after every lunch.