Reviews for "Genesis"

It's a simple game, in concept, but it illustrates frighteningly well how we as a race go from promised purity to defiled deceit, and how that kind of behaviour can become a controlling habit in no time flat. Really well-done, especially the implementation of the "always there" black square at the start, a temptation that is always in-your-face. It is at once beautiful and convicting.

so... we all going to be obliterated

it has so much meaning behinde it ;~;

This had so much beauty in all of its simplicity. each chord of in the music plucked at my heartstrings. The game play was fluid and organic with its imprecision. A great transcendental game that tells more with how it makes you feel than what is actually represented.

Very deep. I love this game so much... Has a big meaning behind it, and a great message. Thank you for making this.