Reviews for "Genesis"

Genesis seems to be the answer to my question:
"What if world went divided onto colors?"
The answer?
We woulda all become something like agar.io


Very interesting and serene... But I have 1 MASSIVE problem with it that knocked 1.5 stars off... The gameplay is REALLY tedious... I would've been disappointed if it was shorter but I'd like it more... Don't make it tedious to make it a bit longer...

Good Music, Good art.

Very deep. I love this game so much... Has a big meaning behind it, and a great message. Thank you for making this.

Very lovely game, between the music and simplistic style made me feel very calm. I've always been a sucker for symbolism and metaphors! I like being allowed to figure things out on my own, ya know? In this game, I like the illustration on how knowledge can change you. I feel like it's a message saying that we are already corrupt upon birth because Adam and Eve bit into the Fruit of Knowledge. It's easy to give into greed and aching curiosity, after all. I'm not all that religious so some of my interpretations of this may be a bit off, haha XD nice work!