Reviews for "Genesis"

so... we all going to be obliterated

Interesting game. Kinda hard to perceive, personally i only understood the part when everyone else was ''destroyed'' and you started taking even more dots, growing larger and larger.

However the part before that, i didn't get. Was it supposed to be a referral from Adam and Eve?

Beautiful. Very simple game, yet with a wonderful message. To all those who actually may not understand, think of it as a story, not as a game. It seems so simple with just a few handfuls of pixels. The black dot representing the "Fruit of Knowledge" is what I loved the most. You could run around all you pleased, but that little fruit will still follow you, and cloud your curious mind, making you think about the pursuit of adventure, or maybe just the thought of what could happen.

Look, I do sort of get the story behind this, but honestly. This is just a pair of moving blocks in different colors moving over the screen. I get it, it has a story behind it. The blocks represent Eve, and animals and so on. But honestly, This would work better as a movie perhaps, not a game. This really isn't a game.

It's a simple game, in concept, but it illustrates frighteningly well how we as a race go from promised purity to defiled deceit, and how that kind of behaviour can become a controlling habit in no time flat. Really well-done, especially the implementation of the "always there" black square at the start, a temptation that is always in-your-face. It is at once beautiful and convicting.