Reviews for "Genesis"

Great Game. Sorry but I'm not bothered to write a full review about this game because its too good to review about it.

This game is awesome! I like how it's based on actual real life, like that time an invisible man in the sky made everything from nothing and then made people who could suffer to show how benevolent it was. Oh man, and that bonus level with the jetpack, that was really great. Please make more games EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE!

it's about religion. its not a game reely their is no goal. blam.

I think the message was pretty simple actually

You were born kind of like Adam, and you were given an infinite world to do as you pleased except for the one tiny black dot that represents the fruit of knowledge/sin. You and the pink square, Eve, had eaten the fruit so when you both became one(the blocks combining) you had children, who were corrupted by sin when you encountered the dot again. You were so full of sin that you kept getting more and more sinful.

God said he forgave you, but took you out of this world

Besides that, I really enjoyed this game! I love the music and simplicity to it. Being a religious person myself, the message was very clear from the start. Great job!

I don't get it. Maybe I'm dumb or something but this game just went over my head. I'm a fairly deep person in my opinion but the message was not clear at all. Being Adam (I guess?) God tells me I can live in paradise forever if I don't eat the fruit of knowledge. (Pretty uninteresting paradise if you ask me) Then I just pac man around the level eventually getting a pink clone (Eve?) Then green clones (Kids?) appear and make it harder to find food. I eat a thing and and then black clones eat my green clones. Then I eat them. Then I become black. Then I eat more. God get pissed but then forgives me.

That is my interpretation but I still seem like there is more. The game lacks feedback which which makes this seem like a chore more than an experience. If you are trying to convey it as an art game, I get it, but art games should have a message which makes sense. What was the message here? Don't get to greedy? God is all forgiving? Black is bad? The graphics is basically the ball in Pong with colour. The music is ok so 1 star for that. The game tried some thing which it failed to achieved but it still tried so..1 more star? I could go on and on with this review but I think this is an ok point to leave it. :/