Reviews for "Genesis"

dont know why. but it made me tear up. i see the story is about god and humans. and for some reason its just so sad. but i love it!

I think I agree with dangerzone15, cool concept and I get what you are doing. simply too short though

I don't get it

meh i can see what you were going for but the story and game itself was too short and uninteresting enough

I just finished "playing" this game for the fifth time in a row - loved it.

The simplicity of the art and the white background combined with the music really created a strange sense of calm that I enjoyed.

I do think that the game could have been better if:
1. There was a more interactive aspect to it. Completing puzzles to further the story for example would have made it more enjoyable for me.
2. More narration from "God". I think that more commentary from him throughout each stage would have added more to the experience.