Reviews for "Genesis"

-sniffle- that..........-snifle- was so -sniffle- deep, man. you sould make movies

Boring. I get the concept, but does the game maker comprehend what "The Fruit of Knowledge" truly is? Think about it. "Knowledge" comes from a human brain. The "Fruit of Knowledge" is the human brain. 2 immortal humans in the Garden of Eden. Eve devours Adam's brain and offers him a taste (immortal beings tend not to die when their skulls are cracked open).
Try a bit harder when you're doing "Biblical Games" in the future, even if they have the most boring graphics, least interaction, and dullest plots.

I like the language you used for God. The depiction of Adam and his descendants was wonderful, as well as of the human spirit.

Very nice nice job. Very artistic.

This game is strange. Not bad, just strange. I know the story of Adam and Eve, or at least i'm pretty sure I do, but even still this game doesn't make much sense. I like the gameplay though, and it'd be really interesting seeing you make a longer game that has a more coherent story.

an excellent portrayal of Adam and Eve, but sometimes even I got a little confused, and i know the story forwards, backwards, and upside down. Some text or something could be used to help tell the story and make it less confusing.