Reviews for "Genesis"

Rhythm is a dancer

I really dont know just happend :P. All it says in the description is" This world is just for you. There is only one rule: you must never eat the Fruit of Knowledge. " A short psychedelic game involving blocks, God, and the color black. But really emotional music.

5/5 its wierd i feel like its telling me somthing its just blocks and shit yet just the thought and the way it worked my mind brought me to tears.... i dont cry. i dont ever tear up. not even at the saddest movie so wtf?

I really don't know what to say... There aren't words that can really describe how I feel about this game. It's thought provoking.

Amazing. Simply amazing. I can see why the main character,aka me aka the cube,made those choices. And god...I guess he just isn't human. He can't understand the cube and his actions. Either way,good job!