Reviews for "Genesis"

Fun game but it was too short. I enjoyed playing it because it had calm music and the atmosphere and colors were refreshing.

If someone is looking to keep themselves occupied for five minutes or so, this is a nice little game. I agree with others in that the strongest part of this game is the atmosphere, help set by God's voice at the beginning and end, as well as the calming music. God could have spoken more throughout the experience, I suppose, such as giving players hints as to what their actions have really accomplished. Otherwise I'm a square that's creating other squares, and sometimes even more squares to eat those squares. Maybe if God came in the middle and "blamed" the player for creating the concept of war (or something along those lines) it would have made for a deeper experience. In this format, however, I suppose players can make this game mean whatever they want it to. Nicely done.

MikeSalyh responds:

Those are some great points; the game definitely could have featured more prominent storytelling. If I do another project like this, what other aspects would everyone like to see more of?

Interesting concept; nothing extraordinary. The music and the design gave it a calming effect.

Controls? Instructions?

For sure a very strange game, but, also very relaxing and peaceful. The game creates a great atmosphere although its simplicity. My only complain is its shortness.