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Reviews for "Silent Synapse"

FIRST! Just kidding, its good but it feels like there's something missing. I just think it kind of gets boring after a while. But other than that its a great game. Good job! It reminds me of the impossible game but easier...

TerribleDesign responds:

First response! I guess that is second then? Who cares about numbers? This aint Youtube.

Yes, there are a lot of missing things: music, branching pathways, an actual difficulty curve, smarter enemies, among other things. I promise they aren't hidden from you; they just aren't there!

Yeah, I nerfed a few of the levels to make it a faster play thru. Mostly levels 4, 6, and 7. I also wanted to focus on more unique levels than just repeating the same challenge.

I am glad that you enjoyed the game; I hope you get some more medals later!