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Reviews for "Silent Synapse"

Good idea but hard to play

TerribleDesign responds:

With unicorn hooves, yes. I do recommend fingers for keyboards. :)

A neat little game that reminds me a lot of the World's Hardest game. Good job.

TerribleDesign responds:

Thanks for the complement. I didn't want my game to be that frustrating though. :)

cool but pretty hard

TerribleDesign responds:

Thanks, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I hope you got plenty medals!

WHAT I NEED TO MADE???????????

TerribleDesign responds:

So what you're saying is you won't be getting the Sanic Heghog medal?

All right, I like what you've done here. The game is challenging, but not TOO frustrating, although some might disagree with me, because the key to winning is learning how to execute each level. The pixel graphics are fine for this motif. Don't know why you chose to omit sound altogether, but the title of the game hints that it was either intentional or you're simply admitting that you never got around to it.

The levels are pretty cool. Some of the challenges require very good recognition and timing. Level 6 is especially clever, forcing the player to process two different positions of the windmill at all times.

What are the green pick-ups for? I see no medal associated with them, and nothing happens when you get them.

There are a few simple design mechanics missing here, unless I missed them:

We need the ability to restart the game. It kind of sucks that the only ways to start over are to either play the game all the way to the end or to reload the whole damned page. This is particularly awful when going for a medal like "Laser Avoider" or "First Gear" only to fail early on. If you don't want to clutter the screen, sick the restart button on the Pause screen, but add one.

As this game offers a few medals for not dying more than a certain amount of times, a death counter somewhere on the screen would be greatly appreciated.

While you're it, a level counter telling what stage we're on would be nice.

What's up with the Campers Medal? I crashed into the wall 11 times on level 2... the first level with a hazard... and it still won't activate. I can see other people have it, though...

The "Gear" medals are strange as well. No matter how fast I completely those levels, nothing happens.

The red squares on level 3 have unfair hit detection. I'm certain they've destroyed me without actually touching me.

Last level: What I would do is to speed the door up a little bit, but also have the red lasers begin flooding the chamber earlier. That way, you cut down on the waiting but leave the difficulty the same. I got quickly annoyed when I had waited long enough for the door to be almost open then got clipped by a square and had to do the entire thing over again. After the third time, I considered quitting.

It's a fun game. It just needs a few basic tweaks. I look forward to your next submission.

TerribleDesign responds:

No sound was intentional. I did remove the NG medal jongle too, so no sound was important from the get-go. As I've said before one or two mp3 sound effects would be bigger than the whole swf file, and I wanted the game to load fast. I've had big flash games crash the Flash player while loading, and that is no fun. :(

The green pickups are for "Datum", "Byte", "Blackjack", and the "Mach 2" of each speed run. You have to get all of them up to whatever point the speed run goes to, and all 21 for Blackjack. Oh and the data is only permanently collected once you finish a level, so you will get the achievements at the start of the next level.

I will see if I can make "r" a restart button. Give me a few minutes... Ok, I am now uploading a new version where R resets the game. You can even pause then reset then unpause the game if you wish.

I will see if I can get the counters to appear on the pause screen later. That won't clutter the screen.

All objects share the same collision engine. The reason why they seem unfair is that they move in large steps. So one frame makes a huge difference between what is safe and what isn't. I guess this is where a death animation and a "This Killed You" highlight would be a good idea.

Also, to get the campers achievement, you have to die ten times very quick from the start of the game. So now you can reset if you weren't fast enough. It is attainable. You can get it on level 2 or level 4. :)

I don't think I will change the last level. I kind of like the "Uh Oh" factor of seeing them slowly move towards you. Also, all speed run achievements are earned before this level, so I was aware that it takes a while.

I hope you enjoy the reset key!