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Reviews for "Silent Synapse"

the silence adds nothing, and only emphasizes how bare bones the game is. there's no motivation to continue playing, it's just sort of soul sucking tedium. I honestly feel like I want a refund, and I spent a total of like five minutes on the game.

tl;dr, games are supposed to be fun, or at least have you work to get something besides idiotic achievements.

TerribleDesign responds:

Idiotic achievements? Can't you tell I was being 100% serious with "Wall Simulator 2014"?

Destination point look like floor from SS13.
But game is nothing special.

TerribleDesign responds:

I'm sorry; I didn't quite understand that first sentence.
What would you have added/changed to make the game special?

Nice game dude, I really love the concept of the game, only thing is that some parts are super challenging to get past, maybe you could sort of turn down the difficulty?

TerribleDesign responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the concept.
Where did you get stuck? While I don't think that I will change the levels on this game, it would be nice to know what people find difficult so I can put them later in the game in my future projects.
I actually nerfed a few levels before posting, so I am glad I did that! It was even more difficult, but that is just no fun.

Although good mechanics for this style of gaming, I feel as though that is all it is.
With all due respect and NO offense,
-The gameplay felt slow, and even prolonged when dealing with pads and/or anything happening in the background.
-Lack of (fitting) sound or even sound effects killed it.
-Lack of unique features that sets this away from the generic-style of grab 'n go.
I just want to say it was a good game, but not my type of style.

TerribleDesign responds:

The main focus for this project was on mechanics and level design, so I take no offense to that comment. :)

Which levels felt slow to you? If you wouldn't mind telling me where the game felt slow for you , I would appreciate that. It is obvious to me that I have to adjust difficulty downward and make the pacing more even, but I can't do that without more info.

Again, no sound was on purpose, Flash mp3 compression is horrendous and takes forever to load. I will look at resolving these issues in my next project.

As far as unique features, I wanted to implement medals from the start of the project, so I did. I think that the blocks that cover part of the level until you walk under them are also unique. I haven't seen that in other similar games. What would you consider a good/unique feature to implement?

I'm glad that you had fun with the game even if it wasn't to your taste.

I do appreciate you billing this as a bit of a minimalist game. However...some sound...any sound, would have been nice.

The level of challenge is nice, although some of the behavior of the little arrow icons (the speed at which they push you in that particular direction) is not always easy to figure out...

TerribleDesign responds:

I had a total minimal theme from the get-go of this project, and that translated to no sound. There will be sound in my next project, but I won't be adding any to this game. It is possible to pause and get a favorite track loaded on your music source of choice. It is faster than the time it would take to load the game if it even had only one badly compressed mp3 file.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the challenge. The arrows move at the same rate that they move you. So the faster they move, the faster they move you. Did they not move at different speeds for you or where they too small to see well?