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Reviews for "Silent Synapse"

I was playing... I went... far.... I pressed R to see what happens.... Srsly from the freaking start? I just quit it there...

TerribleDesign responds:

Curiosity killed the gameplay.
R resets the game not the level. In fact, there is no level reset.

Cool game about space
You could have developed some of the game concepts a little bit - there's a lot of potential in what different shapes could do
I feel like the aesthetic was a little bland - just enough information to get across what the object does, and no more. It has little style.
The music... I know you've made efforts to cancel this issue, but in the future, be really mindful of music that you use for games. More than one track would be nice too, if your game takes more than 3 minutes.
Otherwise, cool, but so basic and underdeveloped that it gets a little dull, fast

TerribleDesign responds:

What do you think the different shapes could potentially do? I am interested in knowing. What else would you like to see to develop the game further?

As far as the music is concerned, there was none to begin with. I was informed that any music was better than none. :)

WOW, I played without resetting once, I actually forgot that resetting was possible, it never crossed my mind. Other than that, this game is very disappointing, I just hate the fact that I can't find the soundtrack to download this music. >_< :3 JK I love this game it's fun, and had my mind on winning, although the last level got me pissed when it opened, and as I went a red box flew directly toward me. Finally won in the end, and a big fat 5 starts! :D


TerribleDesign responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and loved the soundtrack.
You can pick up the soundtrack from the link in the author comments. It is pay-what-you-want, so feel free to support my future games. I would really appreciate it! :)

WOW! I played the whole game with the computer muted, I keep doing that accidentally because of geico ads or ads almost as bad at the beginning (the other day I accidentally commented that a certain video ought to have sound because I accidentally left it muted and forgot - oops), but I had to turn on the sound just to see what was happening when I saw the comments and WOW. Indeed. Must have just been deliberately trying to make it as horrible as possible.

But an ok little game. Nothing special. But inspirational but not tedious or excessive about it either, nor does it really troll you.

TerribleDesign responds:

Isn't this dubstep what the kids listen to nowadays?

I'm glad that you didn't find it tedious. I have nerfed it like 3 times since it has been posted. What did you find inspirational about this game? I am genuinely curious about that.

Also, you can mute your browser, but have music open in you meda player of choice while playing games online. I must be one of the few people that still does this.

horrible music
made me quit on second level, other wise looked intriguing

TerribleDesign responds:

Don't worry, I have made the mute instructions even more clear for the visually impaired! :)