Reviews for "Self Centaured"

I loved it so much. Though that character (the tamborine man) was so silly and lovable it made me a bit sad how he ended up. Still an ace animation and I must say one of my favorites on the site as of now.

Excellent concept, good 'twists', very nice follow through. Good work all around, and very original. Congrats!

the animation was kinda weird at some points (even though you already mentioned that in the description), and it felt a bit too slow, but it was well drawn and the concept was pretty good, well done

That was incredibly good! The jokes were brilliant and the animation was equally funny. I loved it! I replayed it 3 times. I love how the characters expressed themselves and the little jokes added in. It was just full to the brim with jokes! From the way the characters walked and looked about to the posters on the wall ( the posters were my favorite bit of the whole thing hahaha). Ahh I can't even describe it... just... brilliant! I really hope this does well x

Odd, but you know it's not bad.