Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

So that's why we don't have all those magic creatures aye?

Strong art, animation sound and music. One thing I did find though was when you get super fast the clouds create almost a strobe light effect, which reminded me of the pokemon episode that caused seizures. Also as the kicker machines became progressively more badass having the critter evolve would've been impressive too, bigger horns, spines, amour plating that kind of thing. Much like turtle toss and burrito bison a solid game that only needs a few minor tweaks to be even more amazing.

Liked the game a lot. Its very enjoyable, a little addictive and although not an original concepts the upgrades and mini games make up for it. I would suggest more levels and also a speed meter would be nice!

Don't upgrade the bat gangs until you have to; you'll quickly get to a point where you try to keep up as much speed as possible, and you'll hit a ridiculous amount of them, and there aren't enough batties to hit you up because they're all in gangs.

It was a fun game, but the floor is lava doesn't work out too well if you're using a track pad instead of a mouse.