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Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

Amazing game. I still love how you've stuck with the "Launch a thing using some crazy method and have it reach a goal." idea. It's a gaming method that's always going to be fun. Keep up the good work Berzerk Studio!

BerzerkStudio responds:

Thanks ! :D
It's actually a game we did for a client. They asked us to make a clone of Berzerk Ball 2, but we decided to make something unique anyway. It's highly inspired by Berzerk Ball 2, but still a stand alone game, with tons of attitude and kick ass music :)
I'm glad you enjoy!

Every time i try to kick, i go to a sky-blue screen, unable to do anything.
So naturally, i'm unable to play on this computer. But i won't let my inconvenience hinder you.

If it's anything your other games, i know it deserves 5 stars.

keep it up lol

damn that 's one crazy critter i mean sure i don't know who wouldn't want to be in the bible (especially non christians) but holy shit...
also that critter's insane

Another Masterpiece from Berzerk Studio

"Kick The Critter"

Graphics - 5/5 "Simply Stuning"
Gameplay - 5/5 "Simple, yet adicting and fun"
Music - 5/5 "Can't go wrong with metal"
Extras - 5/5 "Fun Minigames and upgrades"

Feedback: More interactive power-ups.
Commentary: Excelent game, I really was hooked up with this game in the first minute.

fucking amazing game!