Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

I'be been waiting all week for a game like this...
THere wasn't a single game from Berzerk Studio that'd live me disappointed.
Sure - some may say it's just Homerun in Berzerk Land with a pseudobiblical backstory and different graphics... But I don't care.
It's long enough, upgrades are awesome, graphics are typically Berzerk - a little bit of cartoon, a little bit of gore - it works for me.
Oh, and music - it just kicks critter ass!

BerzerkStudio responds:

Thanks man ! Really appreciated :)

This certainly should have been on the front page longer! I really do love these games. The best part is how, well, addictive they are. I am so motivated to get all the medals. It also helps that the animation/graphics are fantastic! This seems like it was made by the same guy who did the Burrito Bison thing or whatever it was called.

While not as good, it was certainly great. I really think everything is designed wonderfully here. You don't know what's going to pop up next, like the Gundam robot. The sounds are great too. Thanks for the update as the prices do seem pretty bad. I love this whole game!

this game is fucking awesome
the minigames aren't that hard, i like the dash-thing so you can have a bit more influence where the run is headding.
ty for making this game i had a great time playing it :)

Wasn't gonna write a review at first but this game deserves the praise. Excellent game play and graphics, great bgm and sfx. Only two things that seemed wrong. Game is so fast paced that it lags on my computer,(granted the computer is out dated and my internet is sub par...) Also noticed that the green spiky haired batty will occasionally become a green helmet batty when it flaps its wings, minor glitch I suppose. Overall excellent game, perfect time waster and hilarious story. 5/5 and 5 stars.

The game is absolutely awsome, it's hilarious, addicting, and everything else you could possibly need. The music is epic as hell too! One tiny thing that bothered me a bit though, is that as soon as you get over the water, many of the upgrades become useless, and you just have to max the bat and the bat grouping, along with the passives ofcourse. Other than that it's amazing!