Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

What a great ending! XD

Guys, it's very cool game but very easy :(
Music 10/10!

Love it, love the guitar riffs, love the theme...just all of it

I really liked this game. There's a lot of options for upgrades and the minigames in themselves could easily be uploaded separately as their own games. the only critiques I have are honestly minor nitpicks when thinking about how awesome the game is as a whole. It would be good to have an option to turn off clouds, since they start going by so fast at certain points that they're essentially flashing white and it gets pretty distracting. There's also a weird thing that happens once I passed the final fight area after beating the game where I can't use my smashes anymore. I don't know if that's intended or not, but it's not a huge issue.

Noah you made a mistake!