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Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

I like this game a lot. It's right up there with burrito bison. Well done Berzerk. You guys always come through with great games.

Well...conceptually the game is fine, but I do see some mechanics that do not work too well. As the below reviewer mentioned, the Batty bunch throws you into crystals and will actually impede your progress so having a higher frequency of them is a problem. And the same occurs when you reach a treasure chest, as it basically steals all your momentum, practically requiring you to only get a chest at a time. This is all because the game seems to not increase item and batty spawns unless you are speeding, so when you lose speed for these reasons you can't effectively catch back up. So making the accessibility of the ground effects would allow the player to come back after hitting all those crystals rather than the thing they were targeting. But the other components of the game are pretty solid, and you've packed a lot of good humor and content in, so overall it's still a polished game.

That was a huge step back, aside from the complete lack of innovation, if you upgrade the swarm of pink pigs things it only make things hard by slowing you down when you hit crystals instead of more pigs

You earn 3 stars by simply asking if I want sounds right out of the gate. That is brilliant - Thank you. This game is excellent and I wasn't surprised when I saw the studio that produced it. Simply A+ game, very professional and doesn't get much better.

What impresses me most is how you have taken advantage of every opportunity to add extra features. The ability to upgrade your critter, kicker, the mini games, the multiple stages. I really enjoyed every moment of the game and I have been playing it over the last week.

I hope Berzerk studios grows and that you start finding a way to profit from your incredible talent. I don't like to gush, but you really deserve it. Once again, top notch.

Criticisms? I have a couple, actually.

I never felt much of the 'vertical' movement as much as the lateral. I just couldn't tell if I was going up or down, nor get a sense of how fast or slow, how high or low. Maybe if there was a greater contrast in the background such as changing colors, some twilight, or different types of clouds, this might help.

I was also pretty surprised that, after the game was completed, that there were no "bonus" or "secret" levels. After all of the added goodies in this game and the extra time and effort that was put into it, I really suspected there would be a secret stage after the water one. I was disappointed to find that the level just seemingly stretches forever. For a future game, I would really like to see more stages and more hidden goodies for players to expose.

Simply one of the better games I've ever played, I spent more than 5 hours playing it, and didn't get bored at all, I only sotopped because I already got all achievements ._.

great job you guys 10/10