Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

It was a fun game, but the floor is lava doesn't work out too well if you're using a track pad instead of a mouse.

right after losing all the speed, the xp and money window is a clusterfuck of lag and sounds and wtf

The game is very bugged for me because when I press kick the screen goes blue after the critter is off the screen. and I can not play any of the game. It seems like you need to go back and fix that maybe.

Would just like to point out to a small bug. When the critter was about to hit the ground for the last time, I pressed smash button and the game crashed. Oh yea. It would be nice if the game remembered critters level and improvements, and the money won so that we wouldn't have to play from the beginning every time. Beside that, awesome game.

I like this game a lot. It's right up there with burrito bison. Well done Berzerk. You guys always come through with great games.