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Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

cute game

Really good but its not long enough for me, but is EXITING and funny

Good game, but in the long run, it's nothing to do.
Shortly before the end I just start the run and wait till the third stage to use my smashes.
Think I finished on lvl 18 or so, a bit too easy since i didn't even nearly need all upgrades, not even the 6th smash

Awesome game - I thought is was very well balanced. Managed to finish it on level 26, with critter set at 7/5/5/5-4/4/4-4/5/2. Not sure what the final passive upgrade does though - I thought the critter might finally get a hat! Nope :(

Altitude bar on side is a great addition: otherwise it would be impossible to time smashes. Also would like a bar on the bottom to indicate stuff to land on (or not land on in the case of Blobert): not that there seems very much control over where you land!!

Boost from bouncing off the ground as a meteor is great (especially if you can go several back to back). Bat-gangs are a both a blessing and a curse - can be terrible when you're in a meteor bounce run (especially when you're just about to hit the ceiling - nooo!!) but are a lifesaver when you're bouncing too low (gives you an opportunity to get higher). Also, if you're lucky, you can go quite far without ever touching the ground, carried on the wings of the bat-gangs! Not sure if colliding with gems slows you down: don't think the game needs a speed meter - it would just be nice to know.

Minigames were great! Getting gold seems too easy now? Who cares, they were mostly fun (yeah - thanks for making flappy batty a minigame, and not a full game (flappy games are soooo annoying (except Flappy Corgi! always an exception!)). Do wish there was leaderboards for these.

Wasn't expecting the boss battle at the end. Not sure how you lose this one (sit there and let the missles hit you?) - it was very much "OMG - panic rush-roll-attack everything into submission! I've come to far to die now!!"

Just missing the infinite mode with leaderboard!!

On a side note: calling this a copy of any other distance-toss game is ridiculous: it's like calling Angry Birds a copy of Crush the Castle. Just so happens the distance-toss genre covers a fairly narrow style of gameplay: this is one of the better games in the genre, and is unique enough to deserve critique on it's own merits (and I'd totally forgotten about Berzerk Ball 2 - I really should finish that).

love catapult games, good upgrade system, i like how you guys tried to keep all the action in the visible screen with the downward fire drop thingo. nice.