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Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

damn that 's one crazy critter i mean sure i don't know who wouldn't want to be in the bible (especially non christians) but holy shit...
also that critter's insane

about fucking time. i launched the critter like 20 minutes ago and it just finally ended. only scored 6,245,327 but holy odins balls it took forever.

Best tossing game since Toss The Turtle

Super fun, super fucking addictive game. Was definitely up to the challenge of upgrading every kicker fully even tho at one point i had enough money to skip the second to last one & go straight to the giant robot but came back to it any way to get the medals. Mini games were pretty cool too. Only thing i was disappointed not to see was that you can't change the look of the critter itself. Maybe add some armor or weapons, a hat would have been nice lmao. Also obviously that there isn't a leaderboard. Curious what other people high scores are. Mine as of now is 4,615,792

Very addicting