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Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

Another Masterpiece from Berzerk Studio

"Kick The Critter"

Graphics - 5/5 "Simply Stuning"
Gameplay - 5/5 "Simple, yet adicting and fun"
Music - 5/5 "Can't go wrong with metal"
Extras - 5/5 "Fun Minigames and upgrades"

Feedback: More interactive power-ups.
Commentary: Excelent game, I really was hooked up with this game in the first minute.

This is for sure the best cannon game I have ever played. The graphics were sweet and in your face. The upgrading was well thought out and the progression was pretty much perfect. The 3 different lands that could be discovered was also a great idea. Even all 5 of the unlocked minigames, could have been their own games. The game mechanics were slick and the game engine worked pretty much perfectly. I was a little skeptical at another cannon game, but this one is definitely the best one I've played. The amount of medals given, were generous, but at the same time were hard to achieve and did take skill and patients. I recommend anyone this game if they enjoy the leveling and upgrade progression type of games. 10/10

I like the game, however at times when I start up the game it freezes on a blue screen and I have to refresh the page. This happens several times and it is annoying at times.

Other than that great game.

100% done love the ending . (Just like in the bible) :D

Really good and stayed solid all the way through. 100% complete. Thanks much