Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

Great game!

One thing though, not enough stars to max upgrades? How do you get the "to the max" medal?

i love this game and the critters face is the face of a guy that does not give a f**k he will get on that boat!

its so nice to play I love the game soo much

As always, brilliant work, Berzerk. Played this on Kong. Found it on NG and played some more!!! Always look forward to Berzerk submissions.

Another Masterpiece from Berzerk Studio

"Kick The Critter"

Graphics - 5/5 "Simply Stuning"
Gameplay - 5/5 "Simple, yet adicting and fun"
Music - 5/5 "Can't go wrong with metal"
Extras - 5/5 "Fun Minigames and upgrades"

Feedback: More interactive power-ups.
Commentary: Excelent game, I really was hooked up with this game in the first minute.