Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

An other amazing game from berzerk studio :)

Another tossing game and a good one at it ! With it's own original mecanics and the "classics" (like Burrito Bison's "smash" when you go out of scren). I love the way you break the monotony of tossing games with fun and short minigames (even though the pause button gets in the way)

I managed to ... "break" the score counter in "the floor is lava" game; my computer being so bad (I can't even play Hearthstone ...!) this game is so slow on high quality I managed to score 1004100 points ! (yes, I have no life ...) and the last "0" in the score was not showing up ! (I expected the score to go over the actual frame it was in ... but your work is of quality, I respect that)

Also, my computer "slowliness" allows me to have quite the graphic glitch : some batties are green (I guess that's normal) but they have random objects popping on them sometime for a split second (mohawks, helmets, they sometimes turn purple as well,...), but hey, that doesn't prevent me from enjoying the PHOQUE out of it !

BerzerkStudio responds:

Haha! Thanks for the feedback man ! Really appreciated :)

The game looks promising, sadly though, it's near unplayable through massive lagging.

awesome...but add some "save game" button

Good game but... why would you EVER mde a launching game with zero checkpoints? It just is hard to waste all your powerups in the first area and screw up in the second one.