Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

Holy christ. The game is great, but the minigames make me want to kick somebody. They're infuriating >_<

Awesome.. I love it..! :)

yeahhh so overall this game is nice but i expected a bit more. i know your other games and they are far more entertaining. i mean by normal standards this is a pretty decent game but ive seen better from you. its like a weaker version of burrito beason or toss the shell or whatever they are called. you cant do many things- the only thing i do is start the gun smash a few times and minimize the window cause you cant really do much. watching the guy fly and dashing randomly for like 2-3 minutes isnt that interesting.

This certainly should have been on the front page longer! I really do love these games. The best part is how, well, addictive they are. I am so motivated to get all the medals. It also helps that the animation/graphics are fantastic! This seems like it was made by the same guy who did the Burrito Bison thing or whatever it was called.

While not as good, it was certainly great. I really think everything is designed wonderfully here. You don't know what's going to pop up next, like the Gundam robot. The sounds are great too. Thanks for the update as the prices do seem pretty bad. I love this whole game!

By far the weakest of the Berzerker games. Offers absolutely nothing new other than you are thrusting forward instead of down, and there are plenty of negatives compared to the others. (Not the least of which is unoriginality.) First off, it is zoomed in way too far. IT makes trying to have any sort of player interaction useless. You can't react to things on the screen because by the time you see them, they are already too close to you or too far away to hit them. Second, going off the top of the screen happens WAY too often and feels like a bad thing in this game, as opposed to a good thing in the older games. IT makes getting any sort of speed boost useless. You lose the ability to do anything while you are falling, you don't even get extra distance, and you pop up so far. Tip: Purposely DON'T try to get Maximum Thunderness or else you will just immediately go up off the top of the screen and come down. Overall just a weak outing and considering it a a LONNNNNG grind to do anything in this game, I don't see many people bothering.