Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

Wasn't gonna write a review at first but this game deserves the praise. Excellent game play and graphics, great bgm and sfx. Only two things that seemed wrong. Game is so fast paced that it lags on my computer,(granted the computer is out dated and my internet is sub par...) Also noticed that the green spiky haired batty will occasionally become a green helmet batty when it flaps its wings, minor glitch I suppose. Overall excellent game, perfect time waster and hilarious story. 5/5 and 5 stars.

Strong art, animation sound and music. One thing I did find though was when you get super fast the clouds create almost a strobe light effect, which reminded me of the pokemon episode that caused seizures. Also as the kicker machines became progressively more badass having the critter evolve would've been impressive too, bigger horns, spines, amour plating that kind of thing. Much like turtle toss and burrito bison a solid game that only needs a few minor tweaks to be even more amazing.

Brings back memories of Toss the Turtle by gonzossm. Great game! I love the way you executed it and have played for hours!

Have to move my mouse continuously to get a smooth framerate

Played for too many hours...so fun.