Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

After I hit "KICK IT" the animal gets kicked off screen and then into another screen that is just blank with no activity but music. The game isn't working for me.

Okay, I really like this game. I tend to avoid the "launch game" genre, because really, it's all the same thing. But, Kick the Critter caught my attention, and after playing for… three hours… I found it to be very well balanced. I very rarely ever restarted a run without having something to upgrade. As much as I do like some grindy games, I never felt like I was grinding here.

That said, I found an issue that annoyed me. On the final boss, if I didn't win the fight, I got absolutely nothing for the run, and either had to defeat the boss, or intentionally not make it to the boss to save my loot and XP. I'm curious if that's intentional or not.

And the mini games were a brilliant and fun diversion from the main game. That's another thing that broke the grindy feeling. Sure, I've seen them all before, but that just meant I didn't need to sit there and learn the mini game for another fifteen minutes.

The final boss was fun, clever, and based mostly on skill and a little bit of luck. It would be nice to have some sort of upgrade that helps with the boss, though.

So, to sum up, fun game, fun mini games, balanced leveling, and a weird bug that isn't too difficult to work around. Four and a half stars.

love the game a lot. I thought maybe it was the browser i was using that was causing the mentiond "blue screen" at the beginning of the game; after you click Kick It. I use the Opera Browser. Last night i switched to Chrome, and it worked. This morning..without thinking; I went into this game using Opera, and it worked. lol well..i ended up getting to the boat, and blowing up the pony, but..when i got to the Kick It screen again, after the credits..I got the infamous "blue screen" again. Idk what's going on. I kind of want to keep my current progress of the game, which, only is stored inside of Opera, so i will just try to load it in Opera again later.

Great Job all around - tossing games are one of my faves

Is there a leaderboard for the mini games? Awsome game though :D-)-( WoOo HoOo!!!

Liked the game a lot. Its very enjoyable, a little addictive and although not an original concepts the upgrades and mini games make up for it. I would suggest more levels and also a speed meter would be nice!