Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

Must be nice, get to the boss on the first time I hit the second chest on the last screen, still missing a power upgrade on the kicker. Next 20 runs I brick at 22x-26x each time with kicker's power fully upgraded and several more critter stars/levels under my belt.

Useless upgrades late in game, especially the last passive one.

its a good time waster, but the massive loss of speed for going above the screen just ruins it for me. also the speed boost loss from some of the things that show also sucks.

Extremely good game. Starts off slightly basic and then gradually gets more complex as you go along, which is a great thing to do for games like this. Also really love the mini games, a nice change of pace and style from the main game.

Current game-breaking glitch. After the very first kick, the XP and money glitches to give out an indefinite amount, producing so many level ups that the game slows to a crawl before crashing. Has happened every time I've attempted to play the game.

Is me or this is a copy of the game toss the turtle?