Reviews for "Kick The Critter"

A good game, but a bit lacking in terms of variety, especially in the water stage, where half your upgrades are useless. While the mini-games are fun, they don't really add longevity to the game, especially since after the first time, there is no real reason to play them. Not sure exactly what it is, but it just doesn't have the unpredictability, and interactivity of other games of the genre, any moments where you hope that you'll land on the super boost, or avoid the instant death trap quickly disappear, and trying to make the most of what is given to you is all to easy because after you use the smashes, it is nothing but bats, which the game handles.

Not bad, not bad at all. A lot easier than the gummy bear one though, that one required a lot more upgrades and patience :) Here I just skipped two of the kickers, went straight for the 500k one, and with only one upgrade of it and a level 14 critter, reached the end of the game. Still high quality stuff, so 5 stars :)

can only increase frequency of bats...... Lame.

It brings little (if anything) new to the launch-n-upgrade genre, but at least it's still a fun time-waster.

Love this game so much, I already beat it and got almost all the medals. The only thing though is that some of the mini games are too hard to get gold on, even though they already decreased the score needed to get gold. But other than that, it's a great game. It reminds me a lot like Toss The Turtle, which is another game I love. So good job!