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Reviews for "Best Quest - Episode 1"

perf hah

BestQuest responds:

thank you!

Absolutely brilliant work on this. Seems to be the start of what could be a rather successful series. It was well animated, funny and easy to watch. I love that you didn't chop this into 2 minute episodes which a lot of people seem to do on here/youtube, so a good lengthy episode made for a decent watch.

The animation was fluent, fun, easy to follow and didn't seem lazy (which can happen if you're making an episode this long). Great art, pretty backgrounds and all in all a pretty professional finish to this.

The voice acting was good, but it seemed to lack energy at time, especially in a couple of parts where perhaps more enthusiasm would be needed, that's my only criticism.

I think you guys will do well here, keep up the great work. How this doesn't have a much higher rating is beyond me.

BestQuest responds:

Thank you so much for your comment, we worked super hard on this and we can't wait to make more! We'll definitely work on punching up the energy in future eps.

But if you don't mind me asking where specifically do you think it could have used more energy in the voice acting? We're trying to find a balance in our delivery so we can make the dialogue sound more conversational and not too zany-- but then not too mundane/boring as well. I'd love to get more feedback from you on that.

This series is so hilarious!!!!!!!

Man, again not much criticism except nitpicks. Love the refrences and can't wait to see more.

Damn It has been awhile since Iv'e been on newgrounds sorry I missed this when it first came out Sad to see the ninjas old voice actor go though Im not entirly sure why the other language letters are there now even though he's speaking entirely english now And when they talk this time they didn't seem entirely into it which was weird But overall I still really like this episode and I'm glad to see that the puns have returned as well There are only a few inconsistencies that ultimately I'ma mostly forgive cause the humour your cartoon has is awesome but still half a star lost cause of them inconsistencies compared to the pilot episode.