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Reviews for "Squid Melody [Blue Version]"

GREAT! however the bit with the contrasting "melodies" vocals always gets me but besides that this song is superb and I'm sure a lot of work went into it! Good Job!

I... LUV.... THIS.... SONG!!! :O

I love the vocals, they sound awesome, the lyrics are great and I love this song!

You did an awesome job.
This made me happy.
Thank you for that.

can't stop listening to this song and also the mastering is pretty good like even though playing through my tv speakers is much more different then listening through my laptop speakers because on my tv speakers it sounds much more clear then on my laptop and i can really tell that TLT tried to kept the voice of the squid sisters like since is a splatoon song it make sense why he had to do the voice i don't really have that much hope on the red verison then on the other song it just sounds perfect i will still listen to the red verison who knows it might be better or it will might be worse