Reviews for "Hey I'm Spider-Man: 2"

The "Nothing too new or interesting." applies here.

wicked background, dood

I wish this this had some sort of actual meaning.

RyanStorm responds:

Ah yes, the underlying meaning to this is actually quite simple. I was hoping to leave it up to the viewers to interpret, but you seem quite studious and very well versed in symbolic literature. ( If I were to guess, your favorite books are: 1984 and Catcher in The Rye. No?)
So just for you, I'll expunge the hidden meaning of "Hey I'm Spider-Man: 2" to the world...
The true message of this video, is that you should, "Eat Your Parents."

This was so stupid that I'm in physical pain right now.

RyanStorm responds:

Why are you wasting your time commenting then? CALL 911!!! You need to get to the hospital ASAP!

Oh god... now I want to see that "spider sense tingle" in the next movie SOOO Bad!