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Reviews for "What About a Man?"

Love all of the Pegbarian videos, but this one in particular strikes a very high chord with me. First of all, the animation and art was flat out, amazing. I am pretty sure the voice acting was done like this on purpose, and it infact makes the animation that much more fluid.

Secondly, everything surrounding the Dog is fucking brilliant. Hes little more than a side character with no real pull or weight to toss around during the entire story, and then BLAM! right out of left field the ending makes the entire story about him, and in such a way that it completely made me forget the funny stuff that had gone on throughout the entirety of the movie.

Simply put; This has been your best animation yet. Hands down.

Keep putting out funny, subtle, and sleek cartoons like this and im sure you are going to have your own show on Cartoon Network or some such very soon.

Pegbarians responds:

Thanks man! Glad you liked it :).
I'll be watching our mail for that Cartoon Network offer! Any day now...


Pegbarians responds:


In my day, dog was delacousy. then eats him afterword

That dog was so dang adorable. Please make a miniseries focus on him.

Pegbarians responds:

All dog, all the time. People think I hate dogs, but as a matter of fact, I love them :D.

Where did you learn to animate like this. You're incredible