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Reviews for "Sonic 2 on Android"

This would be funnier if you actually explained WHY Sonic 2 on the Android is so bad. I've played it, and the touch controls work perfectly fine, so this doesn't ring true to me, and without an explanation, there's not a whole lot more to this than what, without meaning to be rude, looks like a whole lot of ragey butthurt, which isn't all that funny.

MylesAnimated responds:

It all comes down to personal preference I suppose. And yeah, I suppose this animation was more of a way for me to through a tantrum towards a port I didn't like in a creative way

nice animation. I love your style. Can I download it anywhere?

MylesAnimated responds:

Nope! But you are able to watch it on new grounds and YouTube anytime on your smart phone. :)

I had the game on my Iphone and I actually beat the game with all the emeralds, very easily. So I don't know, I could see how others would be irritated by it. Otherwise nice animation you should keep going with that style, the only complaint I can list was that it was a little too short. Otherwise nice job.

Perhaps you just don't have the right kind of hands for a smart phone? Also good work on the animation! Keep working at it and it'll look good in no time!

I never had an issue with it.

Guess I just don't suck at video games.

MylesAnimated responds:

I wish I had the time to be good at games but I'm an adult with a job and Pursuing a career in animation so I can't.