Reviews for "Pocket Protectors #3"

wow. legitly entertaining. feels like the more new cartoons. which isn't nessessarily bad. it can be cute and funny. it's doable in the right capable hands.

Woah yeah! It's Mukpuddy on newgrounds!

Congratulations on winning the Daily Feature for Robot Day! I just now realized congratulations is spelled with a T and not a D. I really did like this. It's quite an original idea. I thought they were going to be huge. It was of course a lot more entertaining that they were smaller.

Hey, I still read the Sunday comics! Not the other ones of course. I kept thinking of the lego movie at the end. Dang, that was just so awesome I keep thinking about it. This seems worthy of a series.

I loved it very original very clean and smooth animation!!
I'm looking forward to seeing more by you great work sir!!
you have a full TV show developed in your mind basically it's amazing to see! =))
insanely inspiring!!!!!