Reviews for "Pocket Protectors #3"

I loved it very original very clean and smooth animation!!
I'm looking forward to seeing more by you great work sir!!
you have a full TV show developed in your mind basically it's amazing to see! =))
insanely inspiring!!!!!

You know with a good quality cartoon like this why dont you try pitching this to the HUB or Cartoon Network?

Congratulations on winning the Daily Feature for Robot Day! I just now realized congratulations is spelled with a T and not a D. I really did like this. It's quite an original idea. I thought they were going to be huge. It was of course a lot more entertaining that they were smaller.

Hey, I still read the Sunday comics! Not the other ones of course. I kept thinking of the lego movie at the end. Dang, that was just so awesome I keep thinking about it. This seems worthy of a series.

four legged potato

Loved it!

Good job ballpoint! You found it in front of us!