Reviews for "Lava Bird"

Really solid take on the FB genre, with some nice retro styled music.
Not to mention quite a challenge!
Seriously, this one keeps one on their toes. Well done.
Keep up the good work!

Good Idea: interesting game mechanic
Bad Idea: Associate the game with "Flappy Bird" (graphic style and game title)... people is really tired of "flappy bird clones with a small twist" and many would not even try the game which is actually nice

Unept responds:

That's understandable. However, the game was originally made for the Flappy Jam in support of the dev who made Flappy Bird then had to deal with all the hate. So I thought it was fitting to keep it connected to Flappy Bird somehow, even if that means less game plays. Whether you liked Flappy Bird or not (I didn't love it), I'm sure we agree that he didn't deserve the crap he received. :)

Finally, someone does something good with this tired formula! In my opinion this is better than FlappyBird or any of its clones. I don't like Flappy games. I hate them, to be honest. I don't even care for the original. But this game offers a completely different challenge than just, "Hop through the gaps while you're falling!" First of all, the fact that the player makes his own obstacles by shooting fire adds an entirely different level of tactics by allowing us to set up where and when you'll have to dodge... but the capricious behavior of the fireballs --the way they bounce and curve back at odd angles-- still keeps things unpredictable. The fact that we have birds coming from behind adds another challenge, and trying to set up shots to hit them adds a greater dimension of gameplay. I like being scored on how many of the bird I destroy then how many freaking gaps I pass. I never cared for the "defy gravity at exactly the right moment!" mechanic of Flappybird. This keeps that mechanic, but the gameplay isn't completely dependent on that mechanic alone.

Graphics are simple, which helps to minimize distractions. I like the music, too. The heavy part is exciting!

Still a very hard game. Still frustrating. Still annoying, to an extent. But far more interesting than Flappybird and its followers. While that game is supposedly "addictive," I played for a minute and quit due to lack of fun and interest. With this, I can understand getting addicted!

Unept responds:

Thanks. Nice words. :)

Really nice and addicting game, the gameplay is unique and very interesting. The graphics are good and the music fits pretty well in this game!

You managed to make something new and interesting out of Flappy Bird. Nice.