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Reviews for "Big Fat Pig"

The pigg ehhhh abp0piagaggggg

I thought the game was great fun! It's very addictive, I couldn't stop playing until I got all the apples! I'm a very novice game player and thought it was quite difficult to begin with but I still enjoyed playing it. Can't believe it was made in a day - very impressive. Also, Big Fat Pig, great name haha.

good concept, good music lower when more fat lol

bad same level only, bad instructions, bad not so good developed (has more posibbilities!!)

anyways, innovative

HenerzH responds:

Hey, thanks for the constructive criticism, I appreciate it. Thanks for likeing the concept and thinking it has more possibilities, I agree, which is why I would argue that is a good thing not a bad thing. With just two days I decided to focus on one level and have a few challenges within it. I would like to add a lot more to this game in the future. I also didn't want to add anything in that was too confusing with just the one level. The lack of detailed instructions was intentional as I wanted people to have to gradually figure out the game on their own, this would help reflect the game jam theme also. Having said that, there is an instructions page and in my comments there is lots of direction as well. In a fall version of the game I would add more explanation and more gradual build up with tutorial levels etc.

Interesting concept, but was just plain boring. Art and sound are good though.

HenerzH responds:

Sorry to hear this. But glad you liked the concept. Hopefully I will be able to make it more exciting with further development.

1 Star and i will tell why

I have fun for the first 20 seconds, really, makes me laugh alot spin over and over!

But hey! U use construct 2 and let the standard stuff there! And hey, how do you lose or win the game?

In some point is impossible to move along the scenario!

One star for the fun

HenerzH responds:

I would like to start by saying well done with your game entry. I like that you have these questions as the theme was "the unknown", hopefully you can try and enjoy figuring out the answers for yourself? Like most puzzle games you can't die, but if you are trying to get all the apples and get them in the wrong order and can't progress then you have failed and must restart, which you can do anytime by hitting the [RETURN] key. Try and get 3 gold stars. Start by trying to find all the apples. Yep stared with a basic construct template and went from there, I've added a fair bit but left some in because it worked well with my mechanics. If you get stuck, try rethinking the order you are getting the apples in..
To complete the level roll in the mud bath.