Reviews for "The Woods"

Oh my goodness. The fire ending. The fire ending! Just that made me rate 5 stars

fun game, but I'm having trouble with the Ren and squid story medal; I could swear I've taken all the paths.

I really fall in love with your series. Its so nice, simple, cute, cheerful, and can be so funny!
This one, is one of the best I ever played. The choices are nice, its silly and so much improve my mood as always.

Some of the ending are way too funny! I laugh for some minutes straight by some of them, especially the WHAT EVEN ending. Don't ask me why, see it by yourself, I can't describe anything at all XDD

I get all the medalls!..Toilet....Eww....xDD

I love it, keep making things like these *u*

The fire option made me laugh. Great job as always!