Reviews for "The Woods"

very cute, i loved it! The expressions are wonderful, and the game is awesome, i wonder how long it took to make this masterpiece? 5 Stars.

Love it! Music was a bit repetitive, but it kinda added to the quirky nature. (You've pretty much read everything else I've said about you probably.)
Your art fascinates me. It's so simple yet... Not. (Wow I should be a professor)

Hey, it's me again, mr. I'm-playing-all-your-games-and-reviewing-all Dellis.

I loved this! (Wha, not surprised by this declaration of perpetual love?)

Ok, serious now. I hope-

It was cute and funny, as always. I've noticed your drawing style has improved quite a bit since the first "somewhere" series games, or maybe you just spent more time on it. It nears the style you had in Colors of a Feather. I like that, a lot. For some reason, the drawings in Nora's Dream ending were... i don't know, they got through me, they were very touching. They really expressed the idea of sisterly love. You wouldn't happen to have a sister, right? That would explain a lot.

The music was kinda repetitive, but it's fitting for a dream to be. The humour was top notch as always. Aaand there was Nora in it (tiger!) so it gets plus just for that. No spy costume this time, though. baaad, baaad. joking, obviously.

I like how the characters are slowly getting shaped beneath our eyes. Every game reveals a part of a character... How Nora likes trees, How Ren likes dinosaurs, how both Nora and Dani seem to be able to cook things that are otherworldly in nature with ingredients that have nothing to do with each other... actually, don't tell them i insulted their cooking, i don't want to be killed with fire. Like the squid.

Anyway, these are the reasons why i loved it.

Did I mention there was Nora in it?

Oh, well, enough with my ramblings. Goodbye from one of your most aficionado user (it's not even gramatically correct, but hey.)

I'm off to play Lady of The Castle.

(you'd better answer to the review, or i'm gonna review all the games you're gonna publish from now till eternity.



Actually, i'll do it anyway, so tremble in fear xD)

waffrus responds:

Pffft, I'm glad you enjoyed my games, dear prolific reviewer. Always happy to hear that something if mine made someone laugh and whatnot. I don't have a sister actually, but I do have a younger brother and a younger cousin that I think of as a sister. Sibling bonds are very important. :> Thank you for the thoughtful review!

Umm it wont start

Yay i got them all! It was cute and funny! <33 Keep up the good work!!