Reviews for "The Woods"

Another charming 'game' by Waffrus, although this does have some bugs/odd things.

The replay button instead switches to another option, which is annoying at times.

And, also, the 'cake run' medal doesn't work.

The "Noticed What?" button is broke, blocking off a few other medals.

But, besides that, I like the unique features to the game. Good job.

waffrus responds:

I'm sorry about the bugs. <__>
I'm not sure what you mean by the replay button switching to another option, but hopefully everything is working now? Medals and the "Noticed What?" option have been checked and should be working.
Thanks for playing and the review! It was very helpful. <:

It's super amazing! Like the other ones!
It's also nice to see Dani and Ren more detailed....
But the game is kinda broken, like when I choose to go swimming it starts the cake event with Ren out of nowhere...
But still a nice job though! Can't wait for more of those!~~

waffrus responds:

Thank you!
Ah, swimming option was supposed to go to Ren and cakes, but some of the transition dialogue was skipped, unfortunately. <__> It's fixed now, though.
Thanks for playing and the review! Glad you still liked it! <: