Reviews for "The Woods"

Very cute drawings and funny commands.

I relay like it :D

waffrus responds:

Thanks! :D

Not loading. :(
But I've seen your work before, I know it would've been amazing anyway. :)

waffrus responds:

I'm really sorry about that. :<
I made a few changes, hopefully it's working for you now?

This series is really light hearted and fun, and I'm glad to see that you made more options in this latest installment.
Normally I wouldn't expect myself to play such a cute type of game, but there is something endearing about these that keeps me enjoying the silly story lines.
After getting a couple different endings however, I found myself wishing that there were more variety with the music, and an easier way to go back and try out the different options without having to start at the beginning.
Other than that, I really enjoyed this one and look forward to the next.
Keep up the great work!

waffrus responds:

Thanks! And yes, I'm trying to make them longer and more in-depth. More room for errors though now, oops...
I'm glad you like it, haha! Making such silly things gives me some peace of mind sometimes, lol.
I'll try to put more variety of music in next game. And a Table of Contents has been added for ease of replays.
Thanks for the review!

Another great entry into this creative series. The innocence of Nora's universe is really refreshing after having to deal with the true world around us. The artwork is steadily improving; Dani and Nora look adorable here. Music is still fun, but maybe try out some new tracks? Or have the music change to fit the mood of different story developments?

I was going to take off half a star because of the three broken medals, but I can see that you're already on top of that. While you're at it, go over the decision branches... there seem to be a few that take the player to the wrong outcome.

Keep 'em coming!

waffrus responds:

Thanks! Yes, Nora's pov is quite fun, haha.
Yes, will try to get more music.
Medals are fixed now. Sorry about that!
Thanks for the review!

Very cute game lots of randomness with this series I see huh?

waffrus responds:

Yes, indeed, haha. <: