Reviews for "DodgeDotDodge"

Top game! Always great to see a simple concept well executed. Graphics was perfect. Music is perfect. Gameplay was perfect!

Hats off to anyone who can survives much beyond 180 seconds - talk about cliff faces of skill!!

I really did enjoy the game and what set the atmosphere was the music! when I got to the park where it shakes I nearly crapped myself! one thing I would like is for it to be a little harder I didn't lose any lives until 300000 on my first try. But other than that fantastic game

*screams every time I get hit* This game is addictive. Props on the music.

This very simple game does not seem to be interesting at all at the beginning. But it is not true. Even though simple it requires some skills from a player. Using different colors prevents monotony.

But the climate of the game is created mostly by the music. It is brilliant!

Neat, simplistic game with great music. 4/5