Reviews for "DodgeDotDodge"

Ummmm... pretty fun game but right after one of my attempts to get through the cubes after the purple vertical lines I lost all my lives but didnt lose and then I let it sit there and by the time I unlocked the 180 medal I have over 50 lives but then the screen shook violently (dont know if the screen shaking was part of the game) then I had 5 lives and lost them till I got a game over... but other then that really fun :4

Blobzone responds:

Yeah, the screen shaking was part of the game :D also the reset to 5 lives. But i have no idea how you got over 50 Lives. Probably a bug :)

I enjoyed this but lags make me really mad, because of it my highscore didn't submit and I don't get 90 seconds medal while I got 120, 150 and 180 seconds medal.....

3.5/5 Stars for one simple reason. The lag. I have a decent computer and don't know why it lags. Although, it doesn't get too bad, and is easy to ignore. Honestly, pretty addicting game and I've gotten all the levels. :)

There is no reason for this game to lag. So why is it?

Games Lags, also it kinda sucks.